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  • The objective of vendor registration policy is to purchase better quality material at minimum price and in minimum time. This will reduce the contract award period, project execution delays, increase the participation of vendors and streamlining the evaluation process.
  • Vendor registration is part of expanding competent vendor base to cater to our needs of our growing profile/project requirements. Vendor registration/approval procedure is structured for prospective vendors. This procedure starts with submitting details through Vendor Information Form.
  • Vendor registration for the existing suppliers and vendors is also suggested to regularize the process and build a data of suppliers with SSNR PROJECTS PVT LTD.
  • As now vendor registration process will be implemented, this will eliminate the deviations during evaluations to a large extent. Technical and commercial requirements would be prepared and standardized. The Scope of the policy is for the supply of the material and award/execution of the CONTRACTS.
  • The vendor registration application form duly filled in with requisite relevant documents as per specified format shall be submitted to SSNR PROJECTS PVT LTD
  • After scrutiny of the required documents, deficiencies if any shall be communicated to the firm within 15 days from the date of receipt of application. The vendor has to comply to the deficiencies within 15 days from the date of communication. If the firm does not comply to the deficiency within the stipulated period of 15 days, their application will be rejected.
  • Although registration of respective vendor would be done meeting the requirement mentioned under THE CRITERIA mentioned above, In some cases, Factory premises may also be inspected for meeting specific requirements. A team consisting technical as well as commercial will be the deciding authority and would depute inspection officer/team for carrying out the inspection of specified requirements. Inspection shall be carried out departmentally. SSNR PROJECTS PVT LTD has to inspect factory of applicant within 25 days from the date of application.
  • If deficiencies are found on factory inspection, the application shall be rejected and the application shall be treated as disposed off. But the reasons for rejection shall be recorded and informed to the applicant.
  • In case of EXISTING VENDOR / SUPPLIER OF GOODS OR SERVICES change in name or ownership or control of the Company / Firm, such Company/Firm shall inform in writing along with necessary supporting legal documents within 30 days of such change. The Company/Firm shall have to confirm that there is neither change in the infrastructure facilities nor in the products/items and that change is only in the name / ownership/ control of the Company/ Firm. In such a case, the company/Firm shall have to submit application and relevant documents as proof that such change is lawful / legitimate.
  • The vendor registration process shall be completed within 15 days of receipt of the application complete in all aspects. However, where the process of inspection of the premises is involved the registration process shall be completed within 45 days.

Vendor development policy (for new vendors, rating etc.) would be prepared after the stabilization of award & execution process following the vendor registration process.

A prospective new vendor is considered for registration under following circumstances:

  • Introduction of new product, equipment, material and services.
  • In case where vendor approaches the Company directly, and it helps in broadening the vendor base
  • New Company on account of merger/ de-merger or change in the constitution / type of business. This includes additional products dealt by the company.
  • In case a number of firms under a product or group are reduced due to de-registration then a minimum vendor base must be ensured by introduction of new firms proportionately.

Approved (Master) vendor list is reviewed and updated once in a year. This updation includes adding new prospective vendors and also deleting existing vendors based on their performance feedback received from all concerned departments i.e. design, inspection and expediting, construction department and client.

  1. A Registration Form will be sent to the vendor or can be downloaded from the website www.ssnrprojects.com and on submission of duly filled form a Registration number will be granted to the vendor
  2. Registration of the vendor is for a period of three years thereafter and can be renewed or when the vendor falls in any of the above mention conditions.
  3. When response to product quality /delivery/ service of the vendor is found to be unsatisfactory at any point of time the registration of the vendor can be liable to cancelled without prior notice by the decision of competent authorities from the organization.

In case any vendor / supplier is disqualified after the regular appraisal or review he may apply for Re-qualification and Re-qualification of vendors / supplier is carried out for following considerations:

  • Validity of their ISO and other requisite certificate
  • Financial capability
  • Supply performance in last 3 years
  • Factory / Shop survey by SSNR PROJECTS PVT LTD
  • Vendor’s reputation in the market

Please fill out the form below to complete your registration. The attached documents are required to be submitted with your application with Stamp and Signature.