Dikchu Hydroelectric Project (Tunnels)


Lingdok – East Sikkim


Haridwar Infrastructure Ltd (Greenko Group)

Date of Completion

December 2016

Value of Work

121.55 Crores

Scope of Work

Construction of Approach Roads, Intake Tunnel, Access Tunnels, De-silting Chambers, HRT, Gate Shafts, Silt Flushing Tunnel and other works in connection with Dikchu Hydroelectric Project.

Salient Features

  • Intake : 390 meters X 5.4 meters
  • HRT : 5500 meters X 5.4 meters
  • SFT : 479.00 meters X 3.8 meters
  • Desilting Chamber : 140m x 12m x15.5m
  • No of Gate Shaft : 2 Nos.
  • Length of Shaft : 10 meters & 22 meters
  • Underground Excavation : 1,42,450.00 Cum (App.)
  • Underground Concrete works : 23,500.00 Cum (App.)
  • Concrete Lined Tunnel : 4.8 m. Dia X 3685 m. Length

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