Arun-3 Hydroelectric Project (900 MW)


Thumblingthar, Nepal



Date of Completion

18 September 2022

Value of Work

447 Crores

Scope of Work

Execution of the civil works of the Adit-2, Adit -3 and HRT through Adit-2 & Adit-3 for Arun-3 Hydro Electric Project

Salient Features

Adit-2: 742.95 Mtrs.
Adit -3: 379.53 Mtrs.
Adit finished Dia.: 7.5 Mtrs.
HRT: 6856.61 Mtr.
HRT finished Dia.: 9.50 Mtr.
Under Ground Excavation: 745224.00 Cum.
Lining Concrete: 117026.00 Cum.
Shotcrete: 15711.00 Cum.
Structural Steel Support: 3478.00 MT

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