Corporate Social Responsibility

We at SSNR PROJECTS believe that Corporates have a special and continuing responsibility towards the society. The grim reality in India is that millions of people still do not have access to basic amenities and live in abject poverty – a situation that cannot be redressed by the Government alone. The business sector needs to understand its Corporate Social Responsibility and should work towards making a difference to society. Sustainability remains a constant in all of SSNR’s projects and initiatives. One of the highest priorities during project implementation and planning is safeguarding the nature. Instead of being an add-on, sustainability has always been a starting point at SSNR PROJECTS and is inbuilt in all our processes. All our projects conform to the international norms of sustainable development.

SSNR PROJECTS affirms that its leadership stature goes beyond business success in terms of numbers and figures. It is more about fulfilling its social responsibility in the larger sense of the word. Social responsibility is not about supporting a few visible causes but having an overall sustainable growth and development of the society. In line with this philosophy, SSNR PROJECTS has initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the ACHUTHARAMA FOUNDATION whose key objectives are to develop social infrastructure, primary education and enhance the quality of life of communities around the locations that has the Group’s presence.